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2015 President's Report for AGM

2015 President's Report for 2016 AGM


This AGM sees the completion of my first year as President of Goulburn Mulwaree High School's Parents and Citizens Association. I am very pleased to be able to give something back to the school in a small way. My eldest daughter Indigo started at Mulwaree in 2008 and I have been a member of the P&C since that time. I am pleased & proud of the things that the P&C has been able achieve.

Our job is made considerably easier by having access to the not inconsiderable funds that are generated by the Canteen. Without this the P&C's achievements would not look nearly so impressive. So my thanks go to Julie White and her dedicated staff & volunteer who go to great lengths to cater for the students in food, book packs & clothing.

I can't go any further without thanking Larry Meng for his herculean effort as Treasurer and chief problem solver for so many years. Larry's dedication to the school is unsurpassed. The P&C is blessed to have had his service & we will have trouble filling the role with someone so able and conscientious. Thank you Larry on behalf of the P&C and many thousands of students that have passed through the school in the time you have filled the role of treasurer.

As is the nature of P&Cs we have had a turnover of members in this P&C due to member's children finishing school and families relocating. I thank all the departed P&C members for their generous efforts. We also have new members who continue to make the P&C a strong and successful committee. Thank you for joining us & assisting us for the benefit of the school community. Hopefully more parents will join us in enhancing the school.

More thanks this time to Principal Martin Purcell and his dedicated team of teachers and staff. As parents we are fortunate to have teachers who are capable and interested in guiding our darlings to achieve to their potential and become the valuable community members that they will no doubt be.

As with the P&C the school has had a turnover of staff due to retirements, promotions and relocations. Martin, with assistance from P&C members has managed to fill the majority of the vacancies with talented new teaching team members which bodes well for the future.

Further thanks to Vice President Ashley who has volunteered a number of times on selection panels and chaired a meeting or two in my absence. Thanks to all of the committee members for making the effort to support our school. Special thanks to Jeff for taking on the Secretary's roll. Along with Treasurer this is probably the most hands on role in the P&C. I thank you also for the polite and sensible way you have discussed agenda items, it has made chairing meetings a breeze. I know other committees in other locations can be volatile which is just counterproductive.

One of the P&C's long standing projects, managing the Chaplin's position has been brought to a close by the Government. Thank you to Chaplin Louise Groot for your conscientious & caring work.  It is pleasing to know that Martin intends to fund this position into the future as there are definite benefits for the student body.

Some of the P&C's achievements this year include;

  • financial support of the Breakfast Club run by the Chaplain Louise
  • support of various students in their pursuits through the Students Assistance Program both locally such as the Shoalhaven Mud Muster for the Great Outdoors Class and members of the Harriers and also abroad with assistance to students on their trip to Japan
  •  $20,000 donation to the school to assist in the furnishing of the Innovations Room.

So it's been a year of change and steady as she goes that stands Mulwaree High in good shape to stride into the future. Together we have Endeavoured & we have Achieved.

I am willing to stand for P&C President again for 2016/2017.



Jack Miller

Mulwaree High School Parents & Citizens Association President 2015/2016