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Calculator Requirements

Your child will need to have a scientific calculator for use in high school. Students require calculators throughout Years 7 to 12 for Mathematics, Science, Technology, and Human Society and its Environment. It is essential that all students have their own calculator every day.

The school recommends the CASIO FX-82 series and has them for sale in the front office. Mulwaree High School purchases them in bulk from specialist suppliers and pass on those savings. We have a supply of the Casio calculators available for purchase for $23 from the front office.

Calculators may also be purchased over time using a payment plan arranged through your child's Mathematics teacher. Students will be provided with a brand new calculator and it will be labelled with their name. Their classroom teacher will take care of the calculator until the full amount has been paid.

Payment installments must be at least $2 and made at least weekly. Payment of $5 per week is appreciated. Payments must be finalised within 11 school weeks of the initial payment. Failure to complete the payments within this time will result in a refund of the amount paid and loss of the calculator.

Please also be aware you may be eligible for Financial Assistance which covers the cost of some school-related expenses. Further information is available by contacting the front office or the Mathematics staff.