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Bring Your Own Device

BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, refers to students bringing a personally-owned device to school for the purpose of learning. Mulwaree High School recognises the need to prepare students for a rapidly-changing world where technology plays an increasing role in students’ everyday lives. As such we are committed to delivering an education that reflects the technology and skill sets required by a 21st Century World.

What Devices can students bring to School?

Students can bring a laptop, Chromebook or tablet to school. The device must follow the required specifications in the following section. Students currently bringing their own devices to school find laptops easiest to work with, whilst those using tablets do so with a keyboard attachment. Device Specifications The one major requirement for BYOD devices is that they are Dual Band WiFi 802.11 ac or 802.11 a/b/g/n capable. This will allow the device to connect to the Schools WiFi network. It is recommended that the device has a battery life of minimum 5hrs without charge and that there is at least 128GB of storage available. There is an online store through Learning with Technologies, that provides a choice of devices that meet the specifications of our school. This store can be accessed at There is no obligation to purchase through this store. Software and Apps Devices must have software or apps that allow for internet browsing, word processing and creating spreadsheets and presentations.

Students can download Microsoft and Adobe software FREE from It is recommended that anti-virus software be installed on your BYOD device.

Student Responsibility

Students must;

 Ensure their devices are safe and secure at all times

 Keep their devices safe using carry cases and screen guards

 Use devices according to school and NSWDEC policies while at school

Students are able to download Microsoft 365 for free. For information about this and more, see the Guide to Technology Use below.

A Guide to Technology Use at MHS