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Record of School Achievement

Record of School Achievement (ROSA)

Students must meet Board of Studies requirements to successfully achieve Stage 5 and enable study in Stage 6. to complete a course, each student must have a satisfactory record of application (effort). Students must apply themselves with diligence and sustained effort to the set tasks and experiences provided for each course by the teacher.

An unsatisfactory attendance record can adversely impact on whether a student has a satisfactory record of effort and achievement.

Students and parents need to be aware that in Year 10, grades and results are sent to the Board of Studies.

Students do not automatically receive a formal qualification/certificate at the end of Year 10.

The law requires students to stay at school until 17 and successfully complete Stage 5. If students gain full-time employment, thereby leaving school, they may apply for a ROSA. this will detail all subjects studied and the student achievement.