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Student Leadership

Student Captains and Prefects

The Mulwaree High School Captains, Vice Captains and Prefects are elected from the current Year 11 by both the staff and Year 11 students for the following year. The Prefects conduct various activities at Mulwaree which benefit both staff and students including formal assemblies, fund raising, sport, faculty functions and community affairs. The Prefects not only represent the school at important assemblies and ceremonial functions, they also provide a role model in sport, scholarship and leadership for the junior students at Mulwaree. 

Student Representative Council

Mulwaree High School operates a Student Representative Council which consists of 30 members. The present Council’s term will end in August, at which time four new representatives from each year will be elected from Years 7 - 11. They will then hold their positions for 12 months. The object of the Student Representative Council is to improve Mulwaree High School for the benefit of the students. The pupils are often aware of problems that are not seen by staff or parents and the hope is that such problems can be solved. Some recent achievements of the SRC have included new seating, sports representative fund, dress up days and many other activities such as school socials held once a term.

Arts Council

The Arts Council is involved in the promotion of creative and peforming arts at Mulwaree High School. The Council assist in the organisation and running of the Mulwaree Concert Series as well as external school events such as Youth in the Blues. Activities such as Busk Out, Art Show and Drama performances are activities run for students by the Arts Council.

Social Justice Council (SJC)

The Social Justice Council is interested in the promotion and education about social issues.causes. The Council coordinates external fundraisers such as Shave for a Cure, Jeans for Genes day. Students on the Social Justice Council also manages the Mulwaree Opportunity Shop. Sports Council The Sports Council is involved in promotion of sports and physical activity at Mulwaree High School. The Council assists in the organisation of whole school carnivals and events, such as Pink Stumps Day and the Sports Gala evening. The group also run lunchtime activities for students and manage breaktime equipment.