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The Human Society and it's Environment faculty at Mulwaree High offers a range of core and elective courses from 7-12. All students from 7-10 study Geography. In the senior years, students are offered Geography, Business Studies, Economics, Legal Studies, Studies of Religion, Retail (VET) and Work Studies (Business Services [VET] offered from 2012). Commerce, The Law and You and Business Skills are offered as electives to Year 9 & 10 students.


HSIE at Mulwaree High offers students the opportunity to experience the world around them. Students will study the different environments of the world and how humans/cultures interact with these environments. HSIE allows students to become truely global citizens.


Please view the following links for more information on the HSIE courses offered at Mulwaree High.




 The Law and You

 Business Skills

 Business Studies

 Legal Studies


 Studies of Religion

 Retail (VET)

 Business Services (VET)