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Anti-Bullying Policy at MHS

Mulwaree High School is aware of the reach and impact that bullying behaviour has on students physically, socially and psychologically. Bullying is the repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological behaviour that is harmful and involves the misuse of power by an individual or group towards one or more persons. This also includes bullying through information and communication technologies such as mobile devices and online modes (Snap Chat, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Conflict or fights between equals or single incidents are not defined as bullying. Bullying can involve humiliation, domination, intimidation, victimisation and all forms of harassment including that based on sex, race, disability, sexuality or gender identity. Bullying of any form can have long term effects on those involved including the bystander. For example:

• Verbal: name calling, teasing, abuse, putdowns, sarcasm, insults, and threats.

• Physical: hitting, punching, kicking, scratching, tripping, spitting.

• Social: ignoring, excluding, ostracising, alienating, and making inappropriate gestures. • Psychological: spreading rumours, dirty looks, hiding or damaging possessions, malicious SMS and email messages, and inappropriate use of camera phones.

• Discrimination: based on race, gender, age, sexuality or disability.

Any behaviour encountered as listed above is not accepted at Mulwaree High School the school employs a number of strategies to deal with this. Our first aim will be to resolve the issue within the school in an amicable fashion. Year Advisers will be informed of any bullying and be involved in the resolution of issues. Deputy Principals are to be involved in this process if the issue cannot be resolved using other strategies. If students are found to be deliberately bullying another student, the school will also elicit support from parents to speak with their child about their behaviour. Support will also be provided to victims of bullying in the form of counselling or reflection using the school counsellors or the school’s Wellbeing Teacher.